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Global markets and supply chains have become increasingly unpredictable, sometimes changing drastically in a matter of days. Many companies are turning to American manufacturing to ensure they receive high-quality goods that are shipped as promised. Falcon Designs has a team onsite that responds to projects that have immediate needs. Unlike other companies that leave you waiting for weeks, our team can reengineer a sample, send you proofs and provide quotes all in the same day.

Why Falcon Design?

Create a polished piece that
performs above expectations!

Overlay switch graphics are typically the first thing a user will see when looking at your product. In order to help your product stand out from the crowd, we use a unique combination of textures. This helps graphics to pop and provides a tactile guide for the user. If you want a glossy keypad and a satin finish for graphics (or any other combination of textures,) we have you covered.

Color control is essential for consistent branding, so we hold color control as a top priority. Our rigorous standards for color control ensure that products will have the same color in every run and every order. We record and sample each custom overlay to ensure color and custom treatments are identical every time.

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Unmatched value

In order to provide the best shipping dates in the industry, we buy raw materials ahead of time and keep them in stock. This allows us to access materials as soon as they are needed, so we won’t have to wait before starting your project. Through our long-standing relationships with top suppliers, we are able to provide the best prices for our clients.


Why choose
Falcon Design?

At Falcon Design, we have an experienced team that can provide input and ideas to support your project. Our large in-house selection of production processes, adhesives, inks and materials allows us to create samples in a short amount of time. Other benefits to partnering with us include:

  • Exceptional control processes that provide consistent quality throughout production
  • Thorough testing of each switch contact, LED and trace to ensure functionality throughout the production process
  • Lead times catered to fit your needs and a mission to always earn your business
  • Fast turnarounds for photographing and first article approvals with our prototype programs
  • Total design and engineering of control panel and subpanel along with documentation and blueprints
  • Competitive pricing and OEM programs that cut out costly tool changes

Ask us about our “OEM product development program”

Rapid response prototyping

Fast prototypes for your project

Some projects require a prototype to confirm fit and function before starting production. This can save time and money because it ensures the product will be to your specifications before you invest in costly materials, dies and embossing tools. If you want to test your concept or present it to potential customers before committing to a full production, our rapid response prototyping provides the perfect solution.


Let us be your partner

When partnering with our team, our experts can help you determine the correct design components for your application. As an extension of your company, our team assists you in selecting graphic overlay materials that are both functional and provide the right protection for your product.


Call us to get started.

If you need a high-quality product delivered on time and completed to the highest standards, choose Falcon Designs as your partner. We stand behind every part we produce, so you can trust us to meet your expectations. If you need one less component to worry about, give us a call today.