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Equipment labeling

Labeling is important in the manufacturing industry not only for branding, but also for warnings and equipment instructions.

Equipment labels need to be durable enough to hold up against heat, corrosion, and cleaning. Falcon Designs can help you choose the right materials to make sure your warning and instruction labels don’t wear out over time.

How it works

The process

The experts at Falcon Designs can help you in selecting materials compatible with your application. It’s extremely important to consult with a team of experts due to the potential liability involved with incorrect labeling. You can trust our qualified team to do it correctly.

Labeling materials

We use a variety of materials for labels, including:

  • Industrial grade vinyl with a protective coating
  • Clear polyester with strong adhesive for low surface energy surfaces
  • Reverse printed graphics on clear polyester or polycarbonate

Our labels have:

  • Custom adhesives that adhere to low surface energy coatings
  • Superior durability
  • The strength to hold up against chemicals and abrasion
  • Construction for outdoor use


To improve the look of your branding, we can add custom features to your product. If you would like to see a sample, please contact our team.

Custom industrial faceplates & overlays

The look and feel of your branding on a product should be a major consideration in your design. Working with a team of professionals to create custom graphics can take your product to the next level and help further your marketing efforts. Our team is here to help guide you through making the best choices.

While graphics are important, they aren’t the only thing that matters to your project. We also provide guidance on the right adhesive systems and substrates for your product. Because after all, if you don’t have a good adhesive, then your graphics won’t last. Our advanced technology allows us to work extremely precisely, with the capability to make cuts down to .010 of an inch to ensure a perfect fit.

Custom texture

We design and create industrial nameplates so they will hold up through wear and chemicals. One way we achieve this is by printing graphics on the back side of our substrates to add an extra layer of protection. Depending on how your label will be used, we will guide you to choose the best coating and gloss level to protect your product. Another option is to add a custom texture to the front of your product. This can help your graphics to stand out and also provide the user with tactile information for ease of use. Our team at Falcon Designs can help improve your product through custom textures.


Embossing is another option to add visual appeal and texture to your product. If you would like a raised or recessed look, we can use embossing technology to achieve your desired results. If you want to improve the usability and accessibility of your product, reach out to discuss your options for embossing.

Contour cut nameplates

If you are interested in adding a unique appeal to your graphics, our contour cut name plates are the solution. These custom plates are cut around the outside of the graphic, which can make your graphic appear 3D or like it’s part of the nameplate (depending on your desired look.) If you have questions about how to make your product stand out, contact us today.

Transparent colors for backlit applications

If your product has an LED that you want to appear a certain color, our team can create an ink for you. We make sure our inks display the color that suits your needs, so you can trust that your whites won’t look yellow. We want your final product to look exactly how you envisioned it, and we are dedicated to making that happen.

Poly dome nameplates

Another way to make your graphics stand out is to add a clear polymer resin to form a dome on top of them. This creates a distinctive 3D look that draws the user’s attention to your logo. In addition to contributing to the visual appeal of your product, a polymer resin also acts as a layer of protection. Our resins won’t wear with time because they are engineered to be used outdoors.

Roll labels

These cost effective labels are a way to provide labeling for instructions, wiring diagrams, and packaging at a fraction of the cost of other labels. Contact us today to see how these can be used in your design.

Call us to get started.

If you need an excellent product that is delivered on time and is right the first time, choose Falcon Designs as your partner. We stand behind every part we produce, so you can trust us to meet your expectations. If you need one less component to worry about, give us a call today.

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