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What we do

Falcon Design will join your business to provide the best product to your customer. Our team can offer everything you need, from design and prototypes to delivery. We are here to accommodate all of your project’s requirements.

Industries we serve:

Business and services

We are committed to delivering quality OEM industrial graphics. With over a century of experience, our team helps customers to stand out in the marketplace. Whether you need instruction labels or a keypad solution, we cater to the individual needs of your project.


The Aerospace industry demands high quality products with innovative solutions. Our team is experienced in meeting these demands. Weather it is a decal with instructions or a backlit application we can help with our advanced color control system and product design capabilities. Give us a call to see how we can help.


Labels in the medical setting need to follow strict guidelines set by the FDA. We offer labels that are compliant with these regulations and hold up to repeated chemical cleanings. We consider the safety, endurance, and functionality of each label from the beginning of the design process. We have a history of achievements in the medical industry with an understanding of how design, materials, and labels work together to create an exceptional product.

Industrial manufacturing

Every project has different requirements, and Falcon Designs is here to understand yours. When we fully understand a product’s needs, we can you help determine which materials and adhesives will work best. You can trust that when you partner with us, your products will be of high quality.

Membrane switches and industrial graphics

We are here to help you make decisions when constructing membrane keypads and high-performance labels. With price and durability in mind, we can recommend the best route to take for your project. With our team as your partner, you can feel confident that the materials we use will meet safety standards and fulfill your needs.

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